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What is my goal?

As a certified personal stylist and image consultant, my mission is to help you develop a wardrobe that is accessible, appropriate and, most of all, authentic to you and your lifestyle — regardless of your age, body type, profession or budget. To achieve this goal, we will work together to understand your body type and to identify clothing that elevates your confidence in any personal or professional setting.


How do I help?

I will help you build a flexible and functional wardrobe that reflects your own style while saving you time and money. No more ill-fitting mistakes banished to the back of your closet! Our appointments will give you the confidence of knowing that all items in your closet fit and flatter you and can be coordinated into a variety of ensembles. You’ll also have the skill to personally pick out pieces that will complement your wardrobe in the future.


What is my experience?


I have always been passionate about helping men and women discover their unique personal style that fits all aspects of their life. My fondest childhood memories include having my Barbies star in fashion shows and sketching outfits in an endless array of notebooks. I even focused my 8th grade career report on being a fashion designer so that I could help dress people.


My education includes both degrees in fashion marketing and business administration, and my career trajectory encompasses roles in both prominent personal styling positions and in corporate marketing for international companies. These dual sensibilities uniquely position me as a personal stylist and image consultant who knows how to navigate the intricacies of dressing in high-powered professional settings.


Learn more about me and my background on my
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