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The CEO is The Leading Image’s most exclusive personal styling and image consulting package. I offer complete Closet Checkup, Personal Shopping and Closet Shopping services to audit your existing wardrobe and elevate your personal brand.

Pricing for The CEO package begins at $1,425, including a bonus of 3 custom picks per month to work seamlessly into your wardrobe. Contact me for more details.


Closet Checkup

A properly organized and outfitted closet is a reflection of your lifestyle, your professional aspirations, your personal dreams. I recommend that clients begin their successful style journey with a comprehensive Closet Checkup to determine the status of their existing wardrobe.


By getting to know your closet, I get to know you. Together, we will carefully sort through and analyze your clothes and accessories to determine what to Keep, Tailor, Donate or Consign. We will begin to build outfits based on your existing pieces, and we will uncover any gaps in your wardrobe that we need to fill.


Finally, we will organize everything with intention so that your wardrobe works well for you without any guesswork. Afterward, you will receive a detailed recap covering styling suggestions for your current pieces and a shopping list for future additions.


$475 for a 3 hour session; $100 per additional hour.
Contact me for more details.

Personal Shopping / Stylist

Imagine having an experienced and confident shopping companion and confidante  who understands your body type, is familiar with your lifestyle and budget and who has the expertise to discover pieces that you wouldn’t ordinarily pick out for yourself.

As your stylist, I will curate a collection of clothing for you that will fit, flatter and make you feel fabulous in any setting. You will leave our appointment with a selection of complete ensembles and the newfound confidence of recognizing pieces that work best for you.

$525 for 3 hours of shopping together. My pre-shop time is included in this fee. Contact me for more details.


Closet Shopping

Every ensemble of your dreams begins with a solid foundation. Starting with pieces you already own, I will teach you how to create more potential by mixing and matching items in fresh ways.


I will photograph these “new” outfits so that you’ll have a style library to access when you’re getting ready to take on the day. I will help you build on what you already have to make you look polished to perfection for any occasion.


$525 for 3 hours along with a lookbook of outfits created during our appointment and access to an exclusive app that allows you to view your outfits on a daily basis. Contact me for more details.



Style Parties

Give your friends, family or coworkers the gift of style. By hosting a Style Party in your home, office or any setting, you’ll treat your guests to an educational evening of styling tips, up-to-the-minute trends advice and one-on-one consultations so that each person leaves with a better understanding of their shape and their style.

$500 for a 2-hour event including a styling and trends presentation and style consultations for a maximum of 10 people. Contact me for more details.

Group Styling

Shopping is more fun with friends! Gather your besties, family members or coworkers for a group shopping outing that will empower each of you with styling tips and information. Together, we’ll choose the right stores to explore and seek out and put together ensembles for any occasion you choose. You’ll all feel more confident in your future retail adventures!


$150 per person for a 2-hour appointment. There is a 3-person minimum per Group Styling event. Contact me for more details.





Color Analysis

Wearing the right colors can make a major difference in how people perceive your image — it’s an instant confidence boost! The power of color is undeniable; certain hues send specific messages and evoke distinct emotions. Together we’ll explore which colors are best for your features and ideal for your lifestyle.  


$300 for a complete Color Analysis, including appointment
time, personalized color chart and post-appointment recap. Contact me for more details.

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