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What Happens During a Personal Shopping Appointment?

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

I get asked a lot what really goes on during a personal shopping appointment with a client. I wanted to share the experience and steps that go into an appointment. For those that are curious as what a Personal Stylist will do when they work with you, here are the details:

1.) SET GOALS Before we even step foot in a store, my client and I will go over the goals of our shopping trip together. This is accomplished with a questionnaire that I developed to better understand the needs of the client. My client will complete the form and send it back to me for review. From there we will have a brief chat (20-30 minutes) on the phone to go over his/her answers so I can make sure that I have all the information needed. We discuss the goals of the shopping trip, budget and any other helpful insights that will help us together build a wardrobe that is authentic to you and your lifestyle.

2.) PRE-SHOP I do pre-work before a client goes shopping with me. Before meeting with a client at a store, I pre-shop and have items selected and waiting for them in a dressing room so as soon as they arrive we can start trying on items. Sometimes clients work with me because they feel overwhelmed with shopping. Having clothes selected for them when they arrive eliminates that stress.

3.) DEAL HUNT I look for deals! I do not work on commission. Since I shop all the time, I know when sales are running and when discounts happen.

4.) USE MY BACKGROUND I am an educated Personal Stylist. I have degrees from Parsons The New School For Design and FIT, along with amazing experience working for Stacy London. I know how things should fit and my goal is to educate each client on their body type and what colors and styles work best for them. I want each client to leave with more information and confidence after each session together. As my clients are trying on clothes, I describe why it works or maybe why it doesn't work.

5.) MAKE LOOKS, NOT JUST PIECES I also work with clients on a complete head-to-toe look. That means we shop for an outfit and work on what accessories will complement the look. We also discuss in our appointment how to mix-and-match to create more looks with both items that are being purchased and ones in their existing closet.

My goal is to help find my clients pieces that match their personal style aesthetic - I want my clients to be the best possible version of themselves​. And I love when clients tell me after our time together about all the compliments they have received on their new looks. It really helps to Dress Confidently!

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