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How to Mix Prints

Whenever I suggest mixing prints to a client, I get a frightened, stunned look in return. Mixing prints can be intimidating because we’ve been programed beginning at a young age to match things. But the good news is, once you master the art of mixing, your options for potential outfits in your closet will wildly increase! Yay! So while it may take some time to start pairing the unexpected, I promise it’s worth it! Here are some of my favorite tips on how to mix prints:

The first step to building an outfit is finding the focal piece. Whether it is a plaid skirt or a floral printed blazer, use this piece as your jumping off point.

Mixing a printed accessory with a printed item of clothing is one of the easiest ways to achieve mixing prints. For those of you who are still a bit weary this is the easiest way to start. For example, a patterned blouse with a printed stiletto or a printed scarf with a patterned jacket. 

(Photo Credit: Shape Magazine)

Once you have your larger, bold print, be sure to pair it with a smaller, less dominating print. Two prints of equal scale can be overwhelming. Scale is key!

Paige is demonstrating this perfectly with her larger floral print blouse paired with a smaller tweed print skirt.

Similar colors and palettes will help blend your prints, while still making a statement. 

An easy way to try this out would be to stick to black and white. This is a classic combination and can be paired with some fun pops of color in the accessories you chose. Check out my client Paige in black and white with her fun bag from LK Bennett

Choosing the right accessories can be the help to break up your ensemble. Try using solid colored items to tie your outfit together like a bag or a belt.

So, start having fun with mixing prints, and take some inspiration from these photos from Pinterest!
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