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Leading the Way with Style

Is your style and image leading the way to great opportunities in your life? Whether you are recently divorced and are beginning to date, seeking a new promotion or job, transitioning through weight loss or weight gain, a new mother or just confused on how to dress your body properly, it is really important to know how much your image matters. 

Why Image Matters

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Your first impression is a lasting one, and research states that first impressions are made within 30 seconds of meeting someone! That means you have half a minute to impress someone before they make a judgement about you. 

The very first thing a person will notice about you is how you look. A big part of that is how

you are dressed. If you appear put together, you’re already one step closer to making someone remember you positively.​

You Are Your Own Brand

Dressing reflects who you really are; it's able to communicate what type of person you are in a mere glance. So you should reflect yourself in an authentic way. Clothes aren’t a disguise - they’re a mirror! 

Packaging is powerful. Think about how you recognize and distinguish products by how they're packaged: when buying a book with a fun cover or when reaching for your favorite box of cereal at the grocery store. Your clothing is your packaging. It's your advertising to the world. As Dress Smart: A Guide to Effective Personal Packaging states, "Companies and individuals spend billions of dollars a year to present their products. Of that amount millions are spent on packing that sells the outside of something must make us want to know more about the inside."

Good things come in good packages! What does your look reflect?

Dress to sell yourself in the first impression! You never know what that first impression can lead to.

First Impressions

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