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Top 3 Figure Flattering Tips

According to the new book, Overdressed by Elizabeth L. Cline, “Americans buy an average of sixty-four items of clothing a year.” That number is astounding to me! I know that I do not purchase that many because I am very selective and thoughtful about what items work on me. I want all of the items I get to be wearable and flattering on my body. Here are my top 3 figure flattering tips for all body types:

1. Fit

This is the most important factor when purchasing an item of clothing.

When shopping, find items that fit the part on your body that is the widest -- you can always have it tailored down. Focus on the shoulders and bust for tops, and hips and thighs for bottoms. Not all garments are going to fit perfectly right off the rack! For a minimal expense to alter your garment, you can turn an okay fit into something perfect for your body!

**Guys, this goes for you too! I travel a lot and often see professional men wearing a suit, shirt or pants that are too large on them. If the items were slightly tailored, it would give a much more becoming and polished look.

Avoid clothing that is too tight! For example if a garment pulls in the bust or if pants whisker in the front, they are not a good fit.

**Don’t worry about the number printed on the size label. Every designer and company makes sizes a little differently. Get what fits your body!

2. Fabric

A fabric can really help to play up your shape.

Look for structured materials like cotton or wool. They create a smooth look and are more forgiving of bulges and bumps.

Be careful with clingy materials (for example: high percentage of spandex, chiffon, lightweight silk). They can often highlight areas you want to conceal because the material is so lightweight.

3. Color & Pattern

Colors and patterns can really enhance your features if done strategically.

Bright hues and patterns can really play up your shape, while dark hues can help areas appear to be slimmer.

The scale of a print is really important to pay attention to. If you are petite, a large print would not compliment your body as much as a smaller print would. A large print would be overwhelming on a small frame. A larger print would be more complimentary on tall or fuller figure women.

Please keep these 3 things in mind during your next shopping trip or visit in your closet. Really think about the fit, fabric and color/pattern. Remember, in most cases an item can be tailored down to fit your body perfectly! Don’t be concerned with the number of pieces you are purchasing. Find the right pieces that flatter your body, bring joy, and are functional in your daily life.

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